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You are hungry, but your fridge is empty again? You have some ingredients, but don’t feel like cooking yourself? Or you simple want to enjoy a delicious meal, without doing anything? No problem! Thanks to the Vapiano delivery service, it is very easy to order pizza, pasta etc. online.

You would like to order online, but don’t have any money in your wallet? That is no problem either. You can conveniently pay us via PayPal, i.e. a completely cashless payment. Thanks to PayPal, you can order your food from anywhere, as PayPal also works on all mobile devices. This makes it child’s play to order pizzas, pasta and salad, and your chosen meal will be delivered super fast.

So the next time you fancy pizza, pasta, salad or delicious desserts, simply order them from the Vapiano delivery service and pay for your order quickly and simply with PayPal. Bon appétit!

Order now and pay with PayPal

Your Vapianisti wish you bon appétit!