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The Vapiano story

“Chi va piano, va sano e va lontano” – “He who is easy going lives a long and healthy life” – so goes the Italian saying. This lifestyle has been reality every day at Vapiano for our colleagues – the Vapianisti – as well as our guests since the opening of the very first restaurant on 22 October 2002 in the “Hohe Bleichen” area of Hamburg, Germany. Just two years later, the founders decided to take on the world with their franchise concept. To date, 150 Vapianos in 29 countries across five continents have been opened. The future will see many more Vapianos opening their doors to customers around the world.

In cities around the world, people can meet in a relaxing atmosphere at their local Vapiano and relish that which they have in common: the love of indulgence, conversation, and casual and spontaneous interaction. Through the windows of the Pasta Manifattura in the heart of each Vapiano, guests can watch the cooks produce fresh pasta and dolci every day. Vapiano does not have a central production facility. Because of this, our pizza dough, our sauces and dressings, and our pesto are also all made in each and every restaurant from the freshest ingredients, guaranteed.

Now you can get Vapiano in your own home

Delicious pasta, tasty pizza, the freshest of salads, homemade soups: as per usual, we cook with highest-quality, fresh ingredients for you, and our Vapiano delivery service makes sure your favourite dishes arrive at your door.


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